Experience the pinnacle of Mt. Pleasant financial planning with Gunderson Capital. Nestled in the heart of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, our clients not only benefit from the city’s close proximity to pristine beaches and nationally-recognized public schools but also enjoy the advantages of low taxes, minimal crime, rich cultural amenities, and a myriad of recreational opportunities. With its idyllic charm and thriving business ecosystem, Mount Pleasant is the ideal backdrop for startups and established businesses seeking unparalleled growth and operation. Partner with us, and let’s harness the city’s dynamic business community together, ensuring optimal wealth management strategies for you.

Those living in the area can trust Gunderson Capital Management for the management of their assets. This widely recognized wealth management and advisory services firm has several locations in the country with skilled, experienced advisors. Their prime location for money management in Mt. Pleasant offers ongoing financial planning that is specific to each of their client’s requests or needs. They offer Risk Management, Retirement Planning, Investment Analysis and Planning, and Private Individual Consultations.

Investment Advisor Services

An Investment Advisor in Mt. Pleasant provides active portfolio management for clients to capitalize on opportunities and protect against downside risks. Many others in the financial services industry take a more “passive” style of investment management that takes a simplistic approach to the complex market, staying the course no matter what is happening in the world. Those looking for quality, dynamic investment analysis and planning can turn to the advisors at Gunderson Capital Management.

They have developed 8 different portfolios using the Best Stocks Now! approach which offers Bill Gunderson’s trusted insights on the market. Their portfolios range from very aggressive to very conservative to meet the client’s unique risk tolerance, financial situation, and goals. Gunderson Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

Financial Advisor Services

Gunderson Capital Management offers comprehensive financial planning services. A Financial Advisor in Mt. Pleasant can provide the following:

  • Investment Analysis and Planning — The advisor will evaluate specific investments, match investment vehicles with goals and needs, consider tax consequences, and analyze risk-return trade-off.
  • Retirement Planning — The advisor will prepare IRA rollovers, analyze portfolios, develop annual budgets, establish Eternal IRAs, develop custom long-term income distribution and investment strategies, and help clients retire comfortably.
  • Risk Management — The advisor will identify current and future risk exposure, maintain family income in the event of disability or death, evaluate current coverage cost-effectiveness, and plan for long-term nursing care.
  • Consultation Services – The advisor will provide comprehensive financial plans with a flat fee for advice.

Gunderson Capital Portfolios

Premier Growth Portfolio #1 (Active)

A company must display superior momentum and valuation metrics to be considered for this portfolio. The actively managed portfolio reduces downside risks associated with broad market pullbacks and sector volatility. It is best suited for Conservative Growth investors looking for superior risk-adjusted returns and long-term capital gains treatment.

Premier Growth Portfolio #2 (Buy and Hold)

This portfolio uses the same value/momentum criteria as the first portfolio, but employs a longer leash and average hold period. It is best suited for Conservative Growth investors seeking superior risk-adjusted returns over a longer term to whom downside protection is not as important.

Ultra-Growth Portfolio #1 (Active)

This portfolio also requires companies to display superior momentum and valuation metrics and most of the portfolio falls into the Mid-Cap and Small-Cap universe. This portfolio is for those seeking superior risk-adjusted returns and at least a 3 to 5 year time horizon.

Ultra-Growth Portfolio #2 (Buy and Hold)

This portfolio version is similar to Ultra-Growth Portfolio #1, but employs a longer leash and average hold period. It is ideal for those looking for aggressive growth with downside protection as less of a priority.

Dividend and Growth Portfolio #1 (Active)

A company must pay a dividend and display superior earnings, growth, momentum, and valuation metrics to be considered for this portfolio. It is actively managed and advisors maintain a short leash on stock positions.

Dividend and Growth Portfolio #2 (Buy and Hold)

This version of the Dividend and Growth Portfolio is for those to whom downside protection is not as important. It employs a longer leash on stock positions and a longer average hold period.

Emerging Growth Portfolio (Active)

This portfolio invests in Small-Cap and Micro-Cap companies identified with “high upside potential” and that display superior earnings growth potential, momentum, and valuation metrics. Controlling maximum portfolio drawdown is accomplished by Gunderson Capital’s ability to raise cash and employ inverse or sector ETFs within the strategy.

Individual Best Bonds Now Portfolio

This portfolio seeks out bonds issued by companies from the Best Stocks Now list and is for bond issuers that display superior earnings growth, momentum, and valuation metrics. It is best suited for investors seeking fixed-income exposure in retirement or as a complement to their equity/stock portfolios.

Performance for these portfolios can be found in the weekly Best Stocks Now Newsletter.

Interested clients can contact Gunderson Capital Management in Mt. Pleasant for money management services to help grow their net worth.