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Bill Gunderson is a professional fee-based money manager.

Gunderson Capital Management manages portfolios for clients all over America.

Minimum account size is $100,000. Annual management fees are 2% on accounts under $250,000, 1.75% on accounts between $250k and $500k, 1.5% on accounts between $500k and $1 million, 1.25% on accounts between $1 million and $1.5 million, and 1% on accounts over $1.5 million.

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New! Bond Portfolio

Bonds: A good return with lower risk than equity

We now offer an individual bond portfolio based on the top names in the Best Stocks Now App!

  • We are actively managing this portfolio such that we will take profits when the bond prices rise because of improved credit ratings or lower interest rates.
  • It holds at least 10 positions for diversification. We offer a low minimum of 100k to invest and the annual management fee is only 1%.

Key Details:

  • Yield: About 4 percent
  • Average maturity: About 8 years.
  • If the bonds are held to maturity you will get all your principal back (provided the company is still in business).
  • The bonds are also liquid along the way.
  • Bonds generally do well in down stock markets.
  • For example, during the 2008 bear market, a bond ETF like TLT was up 23% while the market was down 38%.
  • There is a good chance for capital appreciation along with the 4% interest yield going forward. We are targeting a 7-10% total return yearly.
  • Having some or all of your retirement money in this portfolio gives you predictable income and a relatively stable principle value.

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